Financial Services Industry Veteran, David McClellan Joins Aivante’s Advisory Board

Denver, January 25, 2016 – AiVante, a leading technology company that uses proprietary machine learning technology to provide personalized forecasts of an individual’s lifetime healthcare spending, today announced that David McClellan has joined the firm as a business advisor.

Mr. McClellan has extensive knowledge and experience within the broker-dealer and financial advisor industry, having held senior sales, product and strategy roles with Morningstar, Inc. and Albridge Solutions, Inc., an affiliate of Pershing LLC.

“We’re thrilled to have David join our firm, said CEO Bipin Agarwal. “The market is ready for our solution, and David’s experience and relationships will significantly accelerate AiVante’s product adoption with broker-dealers and financial advisors.”

“I’m excited to help AiVante solve what is a ticking time bomb for retirees,” noted Mr. McClellan. “Many investors preparing for retirement worry about their ability to pay for rising healthcare costs, but few financial advisors have a sense for how large this expense may be, or how to approach discussing this topic with their clients. In many cases, their client’s savings will prove woefully inadequate.”

Mr. Larry Tanning, an advisor to AiVante notes “the AiVante solution personalizes a client’s healthcare cost forecast. It crunches through massive healthcare cost datasets from the government and private industry, while enabling the advisor to capture client-specific data on their current health and longevity. It’s the interaction of these two datasets that makes the AiVante solution so powerful. The information can be quickly and easily accessed using a web-based software application, as real-time data via an API, or integrated into popular financial advisor technologies like financial planning software.” Additionally, consumers can access a mobile App on Apple store or Google Play.

Mr. McClellan adds, “Financial advisors need to adapt their business models and embrace conversations that build stronger relationships with their clients, such as financial planning. However, financial planning itself will need to become more holistic. A financial plan that doesn’t accurately account for these critical healthcare cost dynamics simply doesn’t have a good chance of success. Advisors who can confidently work with clients on these topics can differentiate themselves against other advisors and robo technologies, and ultimately retain clients and gather assets.“