Who is this product for:

  • Benefits Advisors
  • Consumers
  • HR & Benefit Leader


  • Projections Utilize Big Data, Multiple Time Periods, and Machine Learning Methods
  • Results Include both Long-Term & Present Value Cost Projections
  • Results Include Pre & Post Retirement Healthcare Expense Projections
  • Reports both Long-Term Care & Medicare Cost Projections
  • Testing Methods use Actual Census & Claims Data vs. Estimating with Actuarial Assumptions & Normative Distributions

AIVANTES’s healthcare expense projections both illuminates & personalizes the 2nd largest expense category in our lives, and lets you see it for the first time.

Healthcare Expenses Capabilities

Predicts Future Healthcare Expenses

AiVante’s analytics methods are able to identify a person’s underlying state of health, and also project benefits consumption changes as people age and as health conditions progress over short, mid and long-term time periods.  AiVante constructs rigorous, comprehensive, and data intensive simulations to produce highly personalized recommendations that have been strenuously tested using advanced technology and scientific methods.

Generates Highly Accurate Projections

Today’s health cost predictions are largely based on making estimates for a group using actuarial methods. These older models do not analyze the underlying health status of people, and track how a different health status requires different levels and amounts of services. AiVante on the other hand, model’s health care expenses as a function of an individual’s state-of-health that varies over time.

Personalizes Results & Choices

AiVante’s sophisticated math-based algorithms are used to parse through millions of data points and evaluate thousands of permutations before recommending a particular plan that best fits a consumer’s personal health profile and needs.

Improves Bottom Line Results

AiVante projects your entire life’s outlook for consuming healthcare benefits and the resulting costs. AiVante constructs highly personalized projections for your future consumption, future costs, and savings needs. AiVante’s analysis allows employees to see their future pre-retirement,  post-retirement, and Medicare healthcare costs.  Employees can also see cash-flow projections for long term care expenses, and the savings requirements for addressing those needs.

Leverages Rich Data + Big Data

AiVante’s analytics engines apply the massive “All Payers” healthcare claims repositories, rigorous healthcare environment based algorithms, machine learning methods, demographics matching, geographical pricing, progressions with aging, and intense testing against 1,000 health plan coverage variables.

Predicts Future Solution Pathways

Your healthcare needs are perpetual and will extend across your full lifetime. AiVante can identify your projected healthcare needs for today, for the next 5 years and for a full lifetime. AiVante projects both pre-retirement and post-retirement benefits consumption levels and costs.