Who is this product for:

  • Employees
  • Benefit Technology Platforms
  • Exchanges
  • Healthcare Insurance Providers


  • Personalized Recommendations based on every Individual’s Personal Health Status & Budget
  • Matches Healthcare Plans and Benefits to the Healthcare Needs of Individuals and Families
  • Integrates Personal Claims History with Population Health “Big Data” Findings, Increasing the Accuracy of Recommendations
  • Creates Personalized and Efficient Healthcare Plans & Supplemental Plans Bundles
  • Projects Future Healthcare Costs and Recommends Financial Savings Tools & Savings Amounts

Consumers are more comfortable buying a home or car than they are purchasing healthcare. Consumers are on the side of caution and default to familiar plans and overspend by 15% on healthcare.

Plan Selection for Participants

Recommends Best-Fitting Plans

AiVante’s Plan Selection Wizard provides employees with personalized recommendations compared to the simplistic calculators commonly used today.  AiVante analyzes the massive “U.S. All-Payers” claims data banks, and applies machine learning methods and predictive algorithms that are highly-tuned for healthcare plans. AiVante alerts employees to the hidden costs, risks and best-fit options that are important for them to know and consider when selecting a health insurance plan.

Generates Highly Accurate Projections

Most open enrollment tools used today include no scientific personalization of plan choices or expense projections for individuals. Offering real choice to employees means you need to give details that go far beyond premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums.  AiVante scrutinizes a large range of plan features, their qualifiers, and how they will match the benefits likely to be used by enrollees.

Personalizes Results & Choices

Based on a person’s unique profile, AiVante predicts what benefits will be consumed and their costs  for each plan that is offered.  AiVante articulates the  differences between plans based on the granular billing instructions of the plans and health status of the participant.  This is far superior to the simplistic emphasis on premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs of most enrollment platforms.

Improves Bottom Line Results

Consumers struggle to make healthcare plan selections because they are unable to predict what benefits they will be using in the upcoming year.    As a result, consumers are prone to being cautious and paying more than they need to.  AiVante enables employees to pick a “right-sized” healthcare plan that is a better match for their health status and needs. This also creates savings for companies  because their contributions towards employee premium expenses are reduced.

Leverages Rich Data + Big Data

AiVante’s machine learning engines scour millions of healthcare records for each individual participant, and then constructs a unique and dynamically personalized healthcare profile.  Using this profile, AiVante then determines the best-fitting plans for individuals and families based on their circumstances and preferences.

Predicts Future Solution Pathways

AiVante provides results & recommendations that alert employees to the hidden costs, risks, and best-fit options that are important for them to know and consider.  AiVante presents Information and recommendations in simple displays and tables that rank-order benefit plan selections and provide a calibrated score for easy understanding.