Providing sophisticated decision support for healthcare insurance and employee benefits plans.

86% of healthcare consumers want their plan info tailored to their unique situation & risks. We deliver that & more.

Take the guesswork out of selecting a healthcare plan

The best available choices are generated for the individual & family based on their financial profile & health history.

Personalized Results

We analyze your personal health history & plan information and provide personalized best-fit recommendations.

Unique Savings Plan

A unique healthcare savings plan is developed for you with short, medium & long term strategies.

Expense Forecasting

AiVante products forecast your future health care expenses based on real collected data patterns.

Big Data Comparison

Our Big Data Engine compares your personal healthcare information with industry data in a matter of seconds for accurate results.

Completely Customizable

Customize your savings plan to match your personal financial goals.

At Envestnet, we aim to make planning for retirement easier for advisors and their clients, and part of that is providing access to data services that help advisors answer tough questions.

– Tom Handza, VP, Product Director of Financial Planning at Envestnet

I wish I had met AiVante before, then I wouldn’t have had to go through this financial pain because of my health. I recommend every American uses AiVante so they can understand, plan and manage their healthcare expenses.

– Ann McGurty

While there are other healthcare savings calculators out there, AiVante plan’s individualized forecasting solution is unique & trustworthy! Thanks AiVante!

– Craig Baute